Cocktails Boost Gin Sales

UK gin sales to the on-trade are booming according to Mangrove, our UK partner.  This trend was further borne out by figures released this week by Diageo that showed despite Europe’s economic downturn, gin sales were up across the continent.  Much of that growth is due to a resurgence in retro gin-based cocktails such as the French 75; a cocktail that got its name because it is said to have packed a punch like the French army’s, early 20th century, 75mm artillery piece.

Diageo says that the trend started in Spain where the gin market is now 20% up on last year and the ripple has now spread through the UK and on to the United States.

One of our favourite retro gin-based cocktails is the Boston Cocktail.  First discovered just before the 2nd World War, it is a wonderful start to the evening.


The Boston Cocktail

1¾ oz shot of gin

1 shot of Giffard Apricot Brandy Du Roussillon

1 Shot of freshly squeezed lemon juice

¼ shot of sugar syrup

1/8 shot of Giffard Grenadine Syrup

Shake all the ingredients with ice and then fine strain into a cocktail glass.

About Giffard Liqueurs & Syrups

Giffard is a family owned liqueurs and syrups company based in Angers, Val de Loire, France. Our founder, Emile Giffard, was a dispensing pharmacist who combined his professional skills with Gallic gourmet curiosity and in 1885 invented a pure, clear and refined white mint liqueur called Menthe Pastille. Four generations later, Giffard remains committed to quality, natural produce in all our liqueurs and syrups because we believe that flavour is always the best ingredient. Please drink responsibly.
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