There Is More To Belgium Than Beer

There Is More To Belgium Than Beer

Brussels is the capital of Belgium, the heart of the European Union and home to two very welcoming cocktail bars that are truly world class.

The Playground

The Playground

P2Located near the famous Place du Chatelaine, in the Ixelles area, is The Playground.  This fantastic bar only opened in April of this year and has already gained a strong following among Brussels’ cosmopolitan population.  When Julie Arhome, Jeanne Bautier and Didier Malengreau set out to create their ideal cocktail bar, they wanted to blend old world heritage with contemporary culture.  That mix can be found in everything from The Playground’s historic architecture and modern interior design to a broad range of live music through the week and DJ’s on a Saturday night.  All of those design threads feed into the cocktails of head barman Jerome Le Tilly and his team that can deliver the bang to a perfect evening, or silently add the finish to a quiet afternoon on The Playground’s terrace.  In September the bar’s offer will extend to a lunch menu with the accent on fresh, local produce.  Our favourite Playground cocktail is the Passionata:

The Passionata

The Passionata

The Passionata


Giffard Apple Liqueur

Giffard Mango Syrup

Strawberry Juice

Fresh Lime Juice

The Playground can be found at 76 Rue de Washington, 1150 Brussels.





Le Café Floreo

Le Café Floreo

Le Café Floreo is situated off the beautiful St Gery Place and offers a very different cocktail experience.  When Koto and Sandra acquired the café they set about changing its jazzy atmosphere into a warmer, broader based, multicultural one and they have achieved it brilliantly.  Le Café Floreo has an ambience of relaxed, comfortable informality where one can enjoy perfect cocktails or some of the best coffee in Brussels.  On the cocktail menu you will find familiar classics alongside original house specials such as the Lantern.  Essentially the

Lantern is vodka based cocktail that is mixed with a touch of ginger and then frozen.  It is the next step that provides drama for both the pallet and the eye because depending on your preferred flavour, the Lantern will arrive in red, white, green or blue.

Excellence in cocktails is matched by the Café Floreo’s mix of music and entertainment.  There is a blind music quiz on Mondays, the passion of the Argentine tango on Tuesdays, jam sessions on Wednesdays, Afro beat funk on Thursdays and DJs spinning it on Saturdays.  A truly eclectic mix of music, coffee and cocktails in a very unique bar.

Koto creates the Green Lantern

Koto creates the Green Lantern

The Green Lantern

5cl Vodka

3cl Lime Juice

3cl Giffard Ginger Syrup

2cl Giffard Melon Liquor

4cl Kiwi Juice

All blended with crushed ice

Happy hour at Le Café Floreo is between 7pm and 9pm and you can find it at 19 Rue des Riches Claires, 1000 Brussels.



About Giffard Liqueurs & Syrups

Giffard is a family owned liqueurs and syrups company based in Angers, Val de Loire, France. Our founder, Emile Giffard, was a dispensing pharmacist who combined his professional skills with Gallic gourmet curiosity and in 1885 invented a pure, clear and refined white mint liqueur called Menthe Pastille. Four generations later, Giffard remains committed to quality, natural produce in all our liqueurs and syrups because we believe that flavour is always the best ingredient. Please drink responsibly.
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