This Is Tokyo’s Star Bar

The gorgeous bar oozes class

The gorgeous bar oozes class

When it is 2:00am and you’re in that twilight zone fog of jet lag, the Ginza District of Tokyo ‘Lost in Translation’ takes on a de ja vue quality and it recently had Francois Philippot out looking for Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson. He never found them but he did find the Star Bar, a cracking cocktail haunt that really impressed.

Discreet entrance sets the tone for the Star Bar

Discreet entrance sets the tone for the Star Bar

Star Bar is not an easy place to find, you have to want to be there and if you want it badly enough you will discover a bar that is the very essence of everything great about the Japanese cocktail scene. The Star Bar offers a dreamlike experience of classic Japanese customs, service and style. The waiters and bartenders go about their work with the effortless, cool precision of a Samurai suggesting years of focussed discipline and training on some remote, snow capped mountain, all to bring you a statement of class long forgotten in the modern world. The decor completes the image and lends weight to the already heavy expectation that this will be an unforgettable cocktail experience.

Rich, warm and welcoming interior.

Rich, warm and welcoming interior.

When that much anticipation is resting on the bartenders’ shoulders they have to get it bang on right, every single time. That requires forensic attention to detail, right down to the ice. It is refrigerated for exactly 3 days and then hand cut for each glass. It is absolutely clear with no imperfections.

Amazing choice of whiskies.

Amazing choice of whiskies.

Japan makes some of the world’s finest single malt whiskies, with many believing them to be better than Scotch and Star Bar knows just how to serve them whether you fancy yours with soda from a period fountain or in a classic sour.

Next time you are lost in Tokyo, try finding the Star Bar. It is worth trying again and again.

Star Bar
Sankosha Building B1F
1-5-13 Ginza Chuo-ku

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