About Giffard

Giffard is a family owned liqueurs and spirits business, based in Angers, France.  Founded in 1885, by Emilie Giffard, when he conceived Menthe Pastille, the company has grown and now supplies the world’s greatest cocktail bars with a range of premium liqueurs and syrups.

Giffard has always sought the best natural ingredients for all our products and has brought that passion to the world of cocktails, where fresh flavours and refinement are paramount.  Every year, the best mixologists from Europe, America and the Far East are invited to compete in the Giffard Cup, with the winners of each region attending the Grand Final in Angers, France.

Over the last few decades, coffee shops have explored adding syrups such as vanilla and hazelnut to coffee.  As coffee shops grew in number and consumers became increasing confident and sophisticated, Giffard has new and exciting flavours but remains true to the belief that only the finest natural ingredients should be used.

You can find out more at our website, www.giffard.com and we ask you to always drink responsibly.

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